At a crucial point in Jesus' ministry he taught his disciples how to pray. In a simple prayer, he showed his closest friends what was most important about their heart motivation. He said, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done. On earth - as it is in heaven." In a moment Jesus dropped the mic for eternity on what he believed was the most important prayer of all: for God's kingdom to come and manifest HERE. As it is in heaven.

What God is calling us to is not for Him to bend His will around our lives and our dreams, but for US to bend OUR LIVES around HIS WILL and HIS DREAMS. God desires men and women who have a Kingdom Bend.

This call to bend our lives around His Kingdom will be the only way to truly find the most fulfillment in our life. God has created us to be co-laborers, and our truest joy is found in the middle of HIS dreams. 

So what does God dream about? What keeps Him up at night? What fills his heart 24-hours a day? 

His people. His wonderful kids. The lost, the hurting, the broken and the not-quite homers. THIS is His dream. And this is where his Kingdom is built. This ministry was birthed out of the desire to see believers ignited in their passions for the cause of His kingdom, and to empower this generation to bend and mold their lives around His ambitions, His people and His dreams.

Welcome to Kingdom Bend.


My name is Jessie. Of all the things I can tell you about me, probably the most important is that I am fanatically driven towards things that matter and passionate beyond normality. Combine this attitude (or personality flaw - the jury is still out) with Jesus' salvation and my love for Him and the result is Kingdom Bend. A  movement with the vision to see believers live lives that are focused and passionate and that pursue Christ's dreams for the world.

I have the honor and privilege of working at Red Rocks Church, leading the Young Adults department with some of my best and most talented friends. We work tirelessly to see the ministry be a powerful movement in Denver's young adults, for the sake of His kingdom and glory.

I'm married to my best friend and most loyal companion, Jon. We believe in the next generation of the Church, and are focused on raising it by God’s grace and his power. We have two daughters, Brooklyn Diane, and Georgia Faith. Both of whom could use your prayers for salvation. Kidding! But really... In our spare time you can find us on a boat or a ski hill, or with big cups of coffee debating theology. Our life is full and focused, and not slowing down anytime soon.